Bommarito Construction

Dedicated To Providing Safety

Safety is of utmost importance at Bommarito Construction. We work to ensure a safe working environment for all employees as well as a safe job site. Bommarito Construction provides all employees with safety training so they are prepared for any incident that may occur on the job. We hold bi-weekly foreman meetings as well as weekly tool box talks to ensure that all job sites are in keeping with OSHA regulations.

safety training resourcesBommarito Construction is proud to work hand in hand with Safety Training Resources to ensure our employees safety and compliance while on the job. Click Here to learn more about STR.

  • Bommarito Construction has a current EMR rating of 0.69, below industry standard is 1.0
  • Bommarito works with Safety Training Resources, has annual safety meetings, programs and a fully-trained staff
  • BC has been the recipient of several safety awards over the years, including: