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Bommarito Construction team contributing to Children's Hospital KIDstruction program

St. Louis Children's Hospital KIDstruction Week

KIDstruction - Children's Hospital St. Louis - BJC Healthcare

J.W. Bommarito Construction was given the rewarding and incredible opportunity to support St. Louis Children’s Hospital, through their 2017 KIDstruction Week. The initiative of the KIDstruction program is “to do what’s right for kids.” KIDstruction Week is a campaign that asks members of the construction community to consider a $1 donation to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for every hour worked during the first week of August, known as KIDstruction Week. Through our involvement with KIDstruction Week, the Bommarito Construction family was able to advocate for this amazing program and for the incredible kids at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Riding for a Reason participants

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Riding for a Reason
Proud sponsor of Riding for a Reason, a charity dedicated to raise awareness for Colorectal Cancer prevention.

Riding for a Reason Bommarito Construction car

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Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Bommarito Construction Scholarship in conjunction with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Bommarito Construction Scholarship

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St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation

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