Bommarito Construction

Message from the CEO

Before founding J.W. Bommarito Construction Company, in 1997, I had been an active member of the construction industry since the late 1980’s. I started in the industry, working as a foreman in the field during my summer breaks from school. I later went on to manage the job site, which lead to managing all active job sites. From there, I continued on to become an Estimator and Project Manager. I have worked every job within the entire operation, which has provided me endless opportunity and the ability to understand each aspect of every job within the company. Having knowledge of the entire scope of work required for the company allowed be to build J.W. Bommarito Construction on a solid foundation.

Building a team is essential in building a successful and prosperous company. My team has assisted me and allowed me the opportunity to carry J.W. Bommarito Construction through good times and bad times; from times of great success to times of economic downturn, and everything in between. Through the diligent use of their knowledge, passion, and hard work they have made it possible, for J.W. Bommarito Construction, to persevere, grow and improve continuously. I know that the work I do would not be possible and that my company would not be what it is today without the support and strength of my team. I invest in the people who have invested in myself and this company. Giving back to the people who give their time and efforts to myself, and my company, is the most rewarding aspect of my position as CEO.

Joseph W. Bommarito (CEO)

Joseph W. Bommarito

The ability to grow is necessary for the success of J.W. Bommarito Construction. Growth is a center focus of my day to day operations. I work and oversee the continued progress of the company. Being a company of the 21st century comes with its fair share of challenges, mainly the challenge of constant technological advances. To ensure that J.W. Bommarito Construction and the team can sustain and grow, I pride myself in always supplying everyone with the most up to date and advanced technology and training possible. As new programs, software, devices or machines become available, myself and my team are always willing to research, trial, adapt, and adopt whatever is necessary to ensure continuous growth and success within the industry.

J.W. Bommarito Construction, still after over 20 years, continues to be my greatest opportunity and challenge, as well as my most rewarding endeavor. I promise that, Myself, My Team and J.W. Bommarito Construction will continue to grow and improve; while honoring our commitments, taking the most economically efficient steps for each project and providing our customers with unrivaled quality and care.


Joseph W. Bommarito, CEO